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Шлем GMAX GM 64 MODULAR стекло с подогревом black

28 200 руб
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  • DuPont Coolmax® interior keeps you dry and comfortable. Coolmax® wicks moisture away from your body and dries quickly
  • Removable, adjustable, washable Coolmax® interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting
  • GMAX D.E.V.S (dual exhaust venting system) top and rear vents reduce temperature by allowing hot air to escape from the top of the helmet
  • Vents close to completely seal out the cold
  • Adjustable mouth vent directs air upward across the inside the shield to help reduce fogging
  • “Dual Pivot” modular jaw design allows the flip jaw to rotate further back and sit low on the crown of the helmet. This increases the line of sight when in the raised position and it lessens fatigue by maintaining an even distribution of weight
  • Easy to use chin bar with push to open mechanism designed for use with gloves
  • Features a metal to metal jaw closure
  • Features an all new “Perimeter-Frame-Design” that provides unequaled wind and cold protection
  • 100% UV400 resistant, anti-fog maximum seal double lens shield comes anti-scratch hard coated for a longer lasting clear view
  • Optional 3M reflective decals that can be placed on the helmet for added safety visibility
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • DOT approved
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